Our Mission

Our Mission at St Michael’s is to follow Jesus and to tell his story in our local community.

We tell the story of Jesus in a number of ways:


  • We are involved with our local community: we get involved by opening our doors and inviting people in to various events or groups, such as our Parties (for children to enjoy craft, games and songs), or our English conversation classes, and also by going out into the streets with Street Pastors, or serving at the local foodbank.


  • We meet together to worship Jesus each Sunday: our worship is varied and includes old hymns and contemporary songs, a talk on a passage of the Bible and sharing the bread and wine (Communion) together as a sign of our belonging together.  On the first Sunday of the month our service is All Age, we have tables to sit at with colouring sheets and a generally relaxed style, so that adults and children both feel at home.  Take a look at our ‘Services’ section for more details.  All are welcome.


  • We are building up a number of small groups: our groups meet together either in people’s homes, or in church.  The different groups meet so that people can get to know each other better and to share their lives.  We want to know how going to church and following Jesus really makes a difference in real life and meeting in smaller groups helps us to be honest about what being a Christian is like in day to day life.


  • We want to use God’s gifts: we are grateful for the buildings and space that we have at St Michael’s and we want to use that for the good of our local community whether they come to church or not.  We use our space for Toddlers, Brownies, Zumba and English conversation classes, and look to increase what is happening in church during the week.  We also believe that God’s gifts come to us in human form and as a church try to encourage people to participate, whether it is reading the Bible in church, or starting a new community initiative.


  • We are changing our buildings: after many years of asking God what God wants us to do with the buildings so that they serve our community better, we have joined with a housing group to do just that.  Our new development will see us knock down the hall and with a set of houses and affordable apartment block next door instead.  The church will gain new rooms and a reordered interior to the church building.  We believe that this will better enable us to serve our community and be a welcoming space for all.