St Michael’s vision is to demonstrate in our actions that God loves all people unconditionally. We aim to join with God in the building of God’s Kingdom.

We desire to be a church fully involved with our community, who tells the story of Jesus, offers compassion and kindness to all and who work to make the world a fairer place.


  • WELCOMING: In all that we do we desire to offer the wide welcome of God. We will seek to include everyone in the worship services we provide and the wider community activities we offer.
  • GENUINE: We believe that God knows us fully and loves us unconditionally. We will help one another to live holy lives, but we will not pretend; especially when we struggle, we will offer each other support, love and forgiveness.
  • INVOLVED: We believe that everyone has gifts and a purpose, and is made uniquely in God’s image. In the work of the church, we will seek to create opportunities for each person to use their gifts. As individuals we will aim to share in the work to be done.
  • ATTENTIVE: God is at work everywhere, all the time. We try to be those who are watching for signs of God in our world and as a result join in the work that God is doing.